In heraldry and heraldic vexillology, a blazon is a formal description of a coat of arms, flag or similar emblem, from which the reader can reconstruct the appropriate image. The verb to blazon means to create such a description. The visual depiction of a coat of arms or flag traditionally has considerable latitude in design, while a blazon specifies the essentially distinctive elements; thus it can be said that a coat of arms or flag is primarily defined not by a picture but rather by the wording of its blazon (though often flags are in modern usage additionally and more precisely defined using geometrical specifications). Blazon also refers to the specialized language in which a blazon is written, and, as a verb, to the act of writing such a description. This language has its own vocabulary, grammar and syntax, or rules governing word order, which becomes essential for comprehension when blazoning a complex coat of arms.


Quarterley of Eight, the first or, a lion rampant vert, langued and armed gules (de Sutton); the second, argent, within a bordure a fess engrailed and three cinquefoils, all sable (Foley); the third, azure, a lion rampant argent, langued and armed gules (McDowell); the forth, vert a dexter arm issuant from the sinister side of the shield, and a sinister arm from the dexter, vested or cuffed argent, the hands proper grasping a sword erect of the third, pommel and hilt of the second, the blade thrust through a dragons head couped of the last. (Fay); the fifth, azure, an eagle displayed or langued and armed gules, over all upon a fess argent three oak trees proper. (Berger); the sixth Quarterly, in the I and IV gules a unicorn rampant argent, in the II and III azure a mullet or. (Endres); the seventh, sable, a lion rampant, between three cross crosslets all or. (King); the eighth, gules, between three lions rampant a fess wavy all or. (Crompton). Over all, on an inescutcheon or, a lion rampant azure double queued vert (de Dudley), and on a canton sable St Edward's crown proper. A closed helmet argent, and for the Crest, on a wreath or and azure a Seven pointed mullet or; and for the supporters to the Dexter and Sinister a bear argent, muzzled gules, collared azure studded and garnished or chained of the last, supporting a rugged staff proper.