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Ambrose Dudley KG, PC, 3rd Earl of Warwick

Ambrose Dudley, 3rd Earl of Warwick, KG (c. 1530 - 21 February 1590) was an English nobleman and general, and an elder brother of Queen Elizabeth I's favourite, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. Their father was John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, who led the English government from 1550 - 1553 under Edward VI and unsuccessfully tried to establish Lady Jane Grey on the English throne after the King's death in July 1553. For his participation in this venture Ambrose Dudley was imprisoned in the Tower of London and condemned to death. Reprieved, his rehabilitation came after he fought for Philip II of Spain (then England's co-monarch) in the Battle of St. Quentin.

On Queen Elizabeth's accession in November 1558 Dudley was appointed Master of the Ordnance, in which capacity he was to unofficially assist William the Silent in his struggle against Spain by delivering English weaponry. As the senior member of his family, Dudley was created Earl of Warwick in December 1561. In 1562 - 1563 he commanded the army Elizabeth sent to Le Havre to garrison the town and assist the Huguenots in the First French War of Religion. This campaign ended in failure when the French belligerents agreed on a peace and the English surrendered because of the plague which was decimating their ranks. Dudley, who had acted honourably throughout, returned with a severe leg wound which was to hinder his further career and ultimately led to his death 27 years later. His last military engagement was against the Northern rebels in 1569. From 1573 he served as a privy councillor.

Despite three marriages, Ambrose Dudley remained childless after the death of an infant daughter in 1552. This had serious repercussions for the survival of his dynasty, since his only surviving brother Robert equally died without legitimate issue. With him, Ambrose Dudley had a very close relationship, and in business and personal life they did many things together. Like Robert Dudley, Ambrose was a major patron of the Elizabethan Puritan movement and supported non-conforming preachers in their struggle with the Church authorities. Due to his homely way of life - and in contrast to the colourful Earl of Leicester - Ambrose Dudley became known to posterity as the "Good Earl of Warwick".

How is Ambrose related to Steven Dudley


Here's how:

1. Barry Ronald Dudley is Steven's father
2. Philip Henry Dudley is the father of Barry Ronald Dudley
3. William Henry Dudley is the father of Philip Henry Dudley
4. James Robert Dudley is the father of William Henry Dudley
5. James Augustus Granbury Dudley is the father of James Robert Dudley
6. Peter Dudley, Sr. is the father of James Augustus Granbury Dudley
7. Robert Dudley is the father of Peter Dudley, Sr.
8. Willam Dudley is the father of Robert Dudley
9. James Dudley is the father of Willam Dudley
10. William Dudley is the father of James Dudley
11. Edward Dudley is the father of William Dudley
12. Robert Dudley, Jr. is the father of Edward Dudley
13. Robert Dudley, Sr. is the father of Robert Dudley, Jr.
14. John Dudley is the father of Robert Dudley, Sr.
15. Richard (Sutton) Dudley is the father of John Dudley
16. Thomas Sutton (Dudley) is the father of Richard (Sutton) Dudley
17. Sir Edmund Sutton, Kgt is the father of Thomas Sutton (Dudley)
18. John ('of Dudley') Sutton, of Atherington, Esq. is a brother of Sir Edmund Sutton, Kgt
19. Edmund Dudley is a son of John ('of Dudley') Sutton, of Atherington, Esq.
20. John (Duke of Northumberland) Dudley is a son of Edmund Dudley
21. Ambrose Dudley is a son of John (Duke of Northumberland) Dudley





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