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Steven Ronald Dudley

28th June 1961


Steven Ronald DUDLEY the first child born to Barry Ronald and Marilyn Annetta DUDLEY. He was born 28 June 1961 in Brisbane. Steven first lived a 22 Brindle Street, Paddington and attended the Ithaca Creek State School, as did his father Barry, commencing school in January 1967.

 In 1970 after the family moved to 160 Payne Road, The Gap, Brisbane. Steve attended the Payne Road State School for years 5, 6 and 7. In 1974 Steven commenced high school and attended The Gap State High School for a year finishing his year 8 education. The following year, 1975 after the family moved to the Stanthorpe district, Steven attended Stanthorpe State High School for years 9 and 10 of his education.

In 1977 Steven was lucky to secure a job as an apprentice Carpenter with the Queensland Governments Public Works department. Steven was assisted in obtaining this job with the assistance of his Grandfather Philip Henry DUDLEY. Steven completed his apprenticeship in 1980 and continued to work for the Government for a few years, working at many schools around Brisbane, including Kenmore State High, Yeronga State High, Coopers Plains State Primary, Runcorn State Primary and other locations.

In mid 1982, Steven met his future wife Sharan. He first met her when he was living in a flat a 2 Fincastle Street, Coopers Plains. He was expecting a visit from a friend and when she arrived, Steven opened the door and let her in and then slammed the door. Steven's friend Dianne said, "what about Sharan" and Steven said "who the hell is Sharan"? He opened the door and met Sharan for the first time. Shortly after Sharan and Steven started dating. They where engaged in early 1983 and planned to get married in 1984. About this time Steven applied to join the Army.

182782 Warrant Officer Class Two Steven Ronald DUDLEY enlisted in the Australian Regular Army on 15th May 1984 and undertook Basic Training at the 1st Recruit Training Battalion in Wagga Wagga NSW. Following the completion of Recruit Training Steven was allocated to Royal Australian Signals Corps (RASigs) with the rank of Signalman. In the next year he completed a Radio Operators' course and a Basic Drivers' course. In April 1985 Steven was posted to the 1st Signal Regiment in Brisbane where he completed a number of courses in Advanced Driving and Signals Dispatch.

On Steven's return to Brisbane, he and Sharan commenced planning for their marriage. They were married at St. Andrews Anglican Church at South Brisbane on 6th July 1985. The reception was held at the Acacia Ridge Hotel on Beaudesert Road Acacia Ridge. Four days after they were married, Steven was deployed on exercise with the Army to Central Queensland, so the couple had no honeymoon. Steven joked over the years that they good honeymoon, a least he did, surrounded by a couple of hundred men, but is not sure what Sharan did. Sharan Ann McDOWELL is the 3rd child and 1st daughter born 19 March 1965 to John Anthony McDOWELL and Doreen Ann FAY.

Shortly after their marriage, Steven and Sharan lived at 4 Zinnia Court, in the Brisbane suburb of Runcorn. In late 1987 Steven and Sharan were delighted to discover that Sharan was pregnant. After a complicated pregnancy, during which Sharan suffered from pregnancy diabetics, their first child, a daughter, Rebecca Ann Marilyn DUDLEY, was born on 21 August 1988 at the Sunnybank Private Hospital.

In 1988 Steven was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal and then to Corporal in the following year. In 1990 the family moved to Townsville, Queensland when Steven was posted to the 103rd Signal Squadron. In late 1990 Sharan became pregnant with their 2nd child and on 2nd July 1991, their first son Jason Ronald DUDLEY was born at the Parkhaven private hospital.  Very shortly after the birth of their son, in mid-July, Steven was deployed overseas and attached to 210 (24 Airmobile Brigade) Signal Squadron located in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom during exercise 'Long Look 91.'

On his return to Australia in November 1991, Steven returned to duty at 103rd Signal Squadron in Townsville. In early 1992, Sharan fell pregnant with their 3rd child, Nicholas William DUDLEY born on 5 November 1992.

In late 1992, Steven was advised that he was to be deployed on Active Service in early 1993. Steven then arranged for the family to be relocated to Brisbane so that they could be close to extended family whilst he was overseas. In February 1993 Steven was deployed on active service with the Force Communications Unit (FCU), of the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC). Whilst in country he served with Siem Reap Signal Troop located in Siem Reap (North West Cambodia). He was employed as the Transport and Signals Dispatch Supervisor for Siem Reap Province. For his service he was awarded the Australian Active Service Medal and the United Nations Medal for service in Cambodia.

On his return to Australia in October 1993 Steven was again posted to 1st Signal Regiment where he was the Transport Corporal for 1st Signal Squadron, Deployable Joint Force Headquarters.

In August Sharan gave birth to their 4 child a daughter, Lauren Doreen Jane DUDLEY. Again Sharan had a difficult pregnancy and the couple lost Lauren's Twin very early in the pregnancy, it was just a small blessing that the medical staff did a complete exam else Lauren may have been terminated as a result of this. Sharan and Steven would have named the twin Isabelle had she survived and Lauren was later to get a small Belle Tattoo on her left wrist in memory of her lost twin.  

In 1995 Steven attended a Basic Computer Controllers course conducted at the School of Signals in Melbourne, Victoria. On completion of the course he was posted to the 21st Construction Squadron (Royal Australian Engineers) in Brisbane as the Communications and Information Systems Corporal.

In 1998 Steven was promoted Sergeant and posted to the Joint Telecommunications School located at Cabarlah (20km from Toowoomba), Queensland as the Information Systems Sergeant.

In 2001 the then Sergeant Dudley was posted to the Army School of Signals, in Melbourne, were he took up a position as an Information Systems Instructor. On 5 October 2001 Steven was granted a warrant and appointed to the rank of Warrant Officer Class Two. Following this he took up an appointment of Troop Commander and Training Manager of Information System training troop at the Army School of Signals.

In 2002 WO2 Dudley was posted to the 7th Signal Regiment, Cabarlah Queensland and took up an appointment as the Manager Command Support Systems, (Manager Information Systems).

In Nov 2004, Steven was a foundation member of the Highfields RSL sub Branch. For the sub branch's first 2 years Steven filled the position of Treasurer and then in 2007 was elected as the sub branch's 2nd President. Steven is still serving as sub branch President in January 2018.

In 2006 he was again posted, within the local area of Cabarlah, when he accepted a position as the Manager Information Systems and Information Technology Security Advisor at the Defence Force School of Signals - Electronic Warfare Wing. At about this time, Army Regimental Numbers where replaced with a PMKeys Number, the military's new personal administration program and the regimental number of 182782 was replaced by the PMKeys number of 8240842.

In October 2007 Steven decided to accept a civilian position as an Information Technology Officer with the Queensland Police Service. He therefore took Long Service Leave from the Army between October 2007 and July 2008. On 14 Jul 2008 after more then 24 years service in the Regular Army, WO2 Dudley transferred to the Active Reserve and took up a Information Systems Manager position at 7th Signal Regiment.

In 2008 he commenced as an assistant with the Australian Army Cadets at 13 Army Cadet Unit in Toowoomba. Following induction, various checks and administration procedures he was accepted as a Warrant Officer Class Two and appointed as an Instructor of Cadets in August 2009 and took up a staff position with 13 Army Cadets.

For his service in the Australian Regular Army WO2 Dudley has received the following Awards and Medals:

- the Australia Active Service Award - Clasp Cambodia;

- the Defence Long Service Medal - with 3 Clasps;

- the Defence Service Medal;

- the Army Combat Badge;

- the Returned from Active Service Badge;

- the Meritorious Unit Citation; and

- the United Nations Service Medal - for UNTAC

 In 2012 after almost 5 years with the QLD Police Service, Steven resigned his position and then took up a position with the Australian Public Service (APS), in the Department of Defence. Steven is currently an APS Level 6 and is the Communications and Information Systems Manager, at the Defence Force School of Signals - Electronic Warfare Wing located at Borneo Barracks Cabarlah.





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